1. Website – is an internet site at the address www.officeday.lt
  2. Buyer – means any natural person who registered on the website or the contact person of the legal entity indicated.
  3. Seller – UAB Officeday, legal entity code 124931353, registered office address Ukmergës g. 250, Vilnius.
  4. Goods – goods ordered by the Buyer on the website.
  5. Services – services provided by the Seller to the Buyer, as ordered by the Buyer, on the Website.
  6. Game – a game or sales campaign organised by the seller published on the website.
  7. Privacy Policy – Privacy Policy determining the procedures for collecting, storing and using the Buyer’s data.


  1. The Buyer’s data are collected, stored and processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy, the Law on the Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania, as well as other applicable legal acts.
  2. The Privacy Policy applies in all cases where the Buyer registers on the Website (in order to purchase the Goods/Services, to participate in the Game, to subscribe to newsletters, etc.) and provides or corrects any of his personal data, as well as the Buyer provides any other personal information on the Website, such as feedback, comments, etc.
  3. The basis for the collection and processing of the Buyer's data is the conclusion and execution of a sales contract (the Buyer seeking to purchase Goods/Services from the Website).
  4. The Buyer, having signed up in the Website, but without signing the purchase agreement (without having completed the Goods/Service Order) and/or with the Buyer's consent to use his/her data for direct marketing purposes and/or if the Buyer registers for the Seller's Game and/or if the Buyer fills in the query form or starts live chat, the Buyer’s consent it is the legitimate basis for collection and processing of personal data. This legal basis for the data processing of the Buyer applies to the extent that the processing of the data is not justified by the execution of the sales contract.
  5. The Seller manages and processes the data provided by the Buyer in accordance with the purposes, means and procedures specified in this Privacy Policy and in the legal acts.
  6. We will process personal data (name, e-mail address, address of residence, CV, education, work experience, and other information, if specified) of candidates who have submitted their CV directly to us via e-mail or via job portals, in order to select candidates for a job vacancy. We process these personal data of candidates on the basis of the consent, which you express by submitting them to us for the purpose of employment at Officeday.
  7. By performing selection to job vacancies, we process only the candidates' personal data that relate to qualifications, professional skills and business properties. We do not collect or process candidates' special personal data.
  8. The Website is designed for people over 14 years of age. Persons under the age of 14 can not provide any personal data through the Website.


  1. The basis for the purchase and processing of the Buyer's data is the conclusion and execution of a sales contract (for the Buyer to purchase Goods/Services from the Website) and/or consent and/or legal interest of the Seller:
    1. the handling and processing of information related to the sale, handling and evaluation of goods for sale;
    2. the handling and processing of information related to the rendering of the Services, the rendering of the Services and the evaluation of the Services rendered;
    3. the provision, handling and processing of information relating to the Games, and performance of the Games;
    4. the quality assurance and improvement of the Games/Services organized/provided;
    5. solution of problems related to the sale of goods/provision of services/performance of games;
    6. statistical and direct marketing purposes;
    7. for other legitimate purposes.
  2. The Buyer's data for statistical purposes shall be processed in such a way that the Buyer's identity is not disclosed.
  3. Personal data of the Buyer whose data is managed on the basis of performance of the contract shall be stored for 10 years from the date of the last execution of the purchase agreement.
  4. Personal data of the Buyer whose data is processed on the bases of his/her consent shall be stored for no longer than three years from the date of the consent.
  5. We keep the personal data of candidates as long as the period of selection to a specific position. After the selection period for a specific position, we delete the CVs sent by the candidates, unless we have obtained the consent of the candidate to process his/her personal data for longer so that we can offer a job position. In this case, we keep the candidate's personal data for 2 years from the date of the screening to the specific position.


  1. The Seller is entitled to transfer the Buyer's data to third parties insofar as it concerns the performance of the Purchase/Sale Agreement/Games:
    1. batch delivery services, freight forwarding companies are provided with the Buyer's data necessary for the delivery of the Goods/Game Prize;
    2. the data of the respective Game Player, other information related to the Game may be transferred to the manufacturer/supplier of the goods, initiating the organization of the Game;
    3. the manufacturer/supplier of the goods may be provided with Customer feedback on the Goods;
    4. buyer`s data may be provided to the third parties to process in order to help us administrate our website and protect your personal data. Such third parties may include software vendors, database management services providers, cloud service providers, etc. Data may also be provided to SANITEX group companies;
    5. in other legal cases and procedures specified in the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.


  1. The Buyer is required to submit personal data during the registration on the website if he wants to purchase the Goods on the Internet and/or to receive the Seller's newsletters and/or to participate in the Games.
  2. The Buyer shall ensure that personal data submitted on its website is correct and relevant, i.e. the Customer must update them with new personal data when personal data changes.
  3. The Buyer has the right to contact the Seller by e-mail info@officeday.lt and ask the Seller to access his personal data collected and to correct them if Seller's data is incorrect or inaccurate. The Buyer also has the right to ask the Seller to delete or limit the processing of such data, which are processed on the basis of the Buyer's consent. If, upon fulfilment of the Buyer's request, the Buyer's participation in the Games is becomes more difficult, the Buyer is deleted from the list of the Game participants.
  4. The Buyer has the right at any time by e-mail info@officeday.lt to cancel his consent to collect and process those personal data which are processed on the basis of the consent, without affecting the collection and processing of his data without affecting the legality of the data processing before withdrawal of the consent. Upon withdrawal of the Buyer's consent, the Buyer's account is cancelled on the Website and the Buyer is deleted from the players' list. The Buyer has the right to object to the processing of his personal data. The Buyer is also entitled to receive his personal data in a systematized, commonly used and computer-readable format (right to data transferability). When assuming that his personal data are processed in violation of data protection requirements, the Buyer has the right to submit a complaint to the State Data Protection Inspectorate.


  1. The Seller has the right to change the Privacy Policy at any time at its sole discretion, by posting it on the Website or by informing the Buyer by e-mail. The new version of the Privacy Policy is effective from the day it is published.
  2. If, after the change of the Privacy Policy, the Buyer continues to use the Website, purchases the Goods/Services, participates (remains registered) in the Games and/or does not take any active action expressing the Buyer's objection, it means that the Buyer agrees with the new Privacy Policy.
  3. If the Buyer disagrees with the new version of the Privacy Policy, the Buyer has the right to exercise his rights as specified in Article V parts 3-4. The Buyer’s orders for the goods submitted before the date of entry into force of the new Privacy Policy shall remain binding on the Parties.